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35-Billy Ray Adkins-Marsha Sexton-Fayola Lloyd-JD Murley
35-Billy Ray Adkins-Marsha Sexto…

Thelma Lawson-Wilma Lawson-Monnie West-L  Bessie Lawson-Flora Crowley-Fayloa Lloyd-Ray Lloyd-Rev  Roy Lowe
Thelma Lawson-Wilma Lawson-Monni…

24-Fayola LLOYD Murley.
24-Fayola LLOYD Murley.

36-Norma Jean Austin, Fayola Lloyd, and Ada Lawson.
36-Norma Jean Austin, Fayola Llo…

23-Fayola LLOYD Murley.
23-Fayola LLOYD Murley.

22-Fayola Lloyd and Marsha Sexton
22-Fayola Lloyd and Marsha Sexto…

37-James Daniel 'JD' Murley and Fayola LLOYD Murley about Jul 1961-4.
37-James Daniel 'JD' Murley and …

35-Billy Ray Adkins, Marsha Sexton, Fayola Lloyd, and James Daniel 'JD' Murley.
35-Billy Ray Adkins, Marsha Sext…

22-Fayola Lloyd and Marsha Sexton.
22-Fayola Lloyd and Marsha Sexto…

Norma Jean Austin, Fayola Lloyd, and Ada Lawson.Ova Lowe's barn in background.
Norma Jean Austin, Fayola Lloyd,…


Baptizing at Norma, at The Ford -1953-1959
Baptizing at Norma, at The Ford …

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